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Wessex Apple Mac User Groups (WAMUG) or ‘WAGs’ as we like to call ourselves is a friendly group of locally based Apple computer users, providing mutual support. Our aims are to keep Mac users in the Wessex area up to date on events and advancements on the Apple Macintosh Platform, and to help members get the best out of programs on the Mac.

Meetings are held at various venues throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. They are friendly and informal, and for all ages. Beginners and experts are equally welcome, to offer support, get help, or just chat! You will also discover a great deal about your Mac and we try to help with any problems. However, don't forget to bring your Mac along - it's hard to fix a problem if the kit isn't there!

Membership is only £15 for a years subscription, with no fee charged at meetings. You can turn up to one of our meetings to see what it's all about. Everyone is welcome, whether novice or professional.